My name is Yagmur (/yaaˈmur/). I am a curious UX researcher, designer, and strategist, who is very passionate about accessibility, inclusion, and service design.

My experiences have inspired me about the process of a concept becoming a product and shaped my goal in developing smart and thoughtful user engagement systems to help people from different backgrounds by improving the way they experience the world.

My projects at the MHCI+D program ranged from people's ways of coping with grief to an Amazon-sponsored project on improving accessibility in online shopping websites. You can view my ready-to-go projects from here or reach out to me to learn more!

Currently, I am working as a Senior UX Researcher at Two Bulls. When I am not working, I enjoy volunteering for Sofar Sounds, playing with dogs, discovering the best pizza restaurants, and binge-watching Friends episodes for the hundredth time --shoot me your hardest Friends trivia challenges!